I’m A Canadaholic

Last night my Godson expressed no surprise at all at the name of this blog, saying quite rightly “well you are always there.” As normal his first interest in my latest trip to British Columbia (BC) was, “what animals did you see?” I proclaimed sightings of Turkey Vultures, Bald Eagles & Big Horn Sheep, however the predictable retort sounded, “what about the Bears?”

Why am I qualified to advise on the Canadian pleasures that no tourist should miss? Well, I’m not, but as my long suffering friends will attest I do sound like a modern day Thomas Cook when I float before them yet another story of my travels, usually populated with countless excited adjectives like awesome, stunning & incredible. Anyway you hardly need to be qualified to express as I will in this blog an array not of advice but of opinions, which you never know someone out there may even find interesting, or better still useful.

The regularity of my fortuitous transatlantic  sojourns, & my adoration especially of Western Canada flowing from my lifelong love of mountains & nature, means I’m often positioned as the object of  welcome requests from friends & their friends for my thoughts on such exciting conundrums as which airport should I fly to, what sights should we see, which attractions should we leave out, which is the best ski resort, & how many calories are in a Denny’s breakfast?

So let’s get cracking & find out if my ramblings are of any interest beyond the press ganged residents of my home, & if so I’d be relieved & delighted to have my loneliness broken by any responses with thoughts, questions & opinions hopefully laced with lashings of the enthusiasm that I aim to emit for the pleasures of Canada

Lake Minnewanka, Banff, Alberta, Canada
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