Not So White BC

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Not So White BC. Some wise old sage apparently once said that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Well for me there is little doubt that western Canada holds more than its own in the beholding of beauty stakes. Ever since I excitedly disembarked my first transatlantic flight aboard a now defunked Canada 3000 aircraft around 20 years ago, I have found myself thoroughly engaged by the wondrous vistas of BC & its neighbouring province Alberta. My first experience of the land of snow & ice was in midsummer, but cleverly or so I thought, I arrived in the pre-wheelie case period dragging luggage bulging with winter

I’m A Canadaholic

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I'm A Canadaholic Last night my Godson expressed no surprise at all at the name of this blog, saying quite rightly “well you are always there.” As normal his first interest in my latest trip to British Columbia (BC) was, “what animals did you see?” I proclaimed sightings of Turkey Vultures, Bald Eagles & Big Horn Sheep, however the predictable retort sounded, “what about the Bears?” Why am I qualified to advise on the Canadian pleasures that no tourist should miss? Well, I’m not, but as my long suffering friends will attest I do sound like a modern day Thomas Cook when I float before them yet another story

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