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Hello, bonjour, hola, guten tag, merhaba, marhaba, ola, ciao, halo, namaste, ohayo, salaam, ni hao, nay hoh and a general hi to anyone I’ve left out.

The Family

My name is Darren and I come from northern England where I have worked for over 25 years as a criminal defence lawyer. I live with my wife Ann who I married in 2014 in the Canadian ski resort of Kicking Horse, in the British Columbia Rocky Mountains. Ann works as a nurse sister and if she isn’t looking I’ll confide in you for the purposes of this blog that she is in her mid forties, and revels in her 6 year age deficit to me.

We are widely travelled, both off the peg summer hols style and rather more independently, having spent much time soaking up the beauty of Western Canada, the US, much of Europe and especially off the beaten track Scotland.

Ann’s daughter Jess is 21 and has contracted the contagious travel bug; and well Rev the world’s friendliest black Cockerpoo dog simply loves being anywhere provided he finds food, treats, water to swim, a ball and us to throw it.

The Dream

We have long held a dream to leave behind the pressures and rigours of our careers and sample the open road, and all it and it’s destinations have to offer. All the usual obstacles and doubts have done their bit to dissuade and delay us; from concern for family, friends, finance, retirement and health. However we have decided that it’s time to travel before we unravel and regret our failure to address our aspirations; a failure for which we could only blame ourselves.

This blog will be represent my humble attempt to document the lifestyle changes we experience and their effects on facets like finances, free time without real time pressures, and the potential pitfalls of a 24/7 relationship for me and Ann for a first protracted period; all set alongside our travel experiences, our observations of natural and manmade places, and the interaction of nature with the pressures of population and climate issues. (Yes Mr Trump).

At first thought it would be astounding if anyone out there was remotely interested in my ramblings; but just in case I will seek to make my crazed scribing as fascinating as possible.

Rev The Dog

O, and of course amid all this I will for sure remember to throw Rev his ball, and to share his travel experiences.

Please join us as we prepare for our journey, and then onward through our experiences as we head physically and metaphorically to wherever our travels may lead.